New Supervision Group for Trans and Queer LPC and LMFT Interns in Private Practice

I’ll be offering a new supervision group for LPCs and LMFTs in queer, trans-, and gender-diverse identity spaces. This group will be a chance for early career clinicians in private practice to get clinical support, community, and belonging as professionals, while earning supervision hours towards licensure.

If you or someone you know might be interested, check out the Trans and Queer-Centered Supervision Group page and then get in touch so we can talk about it. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Being a trans and queer therapist has some subtleties that aren’t really covered in grad school or in most internship placements. To start with, if you’re also working with clients in the trans and queer community, there’s more chance for multiple relationships arising, because we have a small community. However, most therapy training programs have a cis-het bias, and they don’t often offer specific guidance for navigating these realities. Second, when our clients’ issues in therapy impinge on our own gender and sexuality, it can bring up stuff that might not seem welcome in your run-of-the-mill supervision group. Finally, few graduate programs devote serious time to issues specific to trans and queer clients, and even less so issues specific to the trans or queer therapist. This group is designed to be a safer space where trans and queer clinicians can talk about these issues and more. Join us, and build your private practice in good company.

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