Anti-Oppression Statement

I’d like to articulate my condemnation of white supremacy, racialized violence and oppression, transhostility, and other forms of oppression and marginalization that disadvantage people based on their social identities. In my analysis, white supremacy, oppression, and capitalism are mutually interdependent, because capitalism relies on theft and unpaid and underpaid labor to maintain itself. In that vein, I also critique capitalism, which creates an unending cycle of resource extraction, consumer waste, alienation, and environmental destruction.

In my therapy practice, I seek to work from a place of cultural humility and I bring an anti-oppression lens to bear on my work with clients. So many of the concerns that people bring to therapy derive from their experiences of oppression, and I try to take a realistic stance in helping clients come to grips with the unfair and exploitative social structures we live in, while also pursuing their own pleasure, power, relatedness, and liberation. Historically, psychotherapy and psychology have had a tendency to blame locating problems within the individual, thereby perpetuating a subtle form of therapeutic violence and white cisheteropatriarchal oppression. Instead, I strive to help clients find creative ways of revisioning and reexperiencing their biography, experience, and social location in order to uproot internalized oppression and seek their personal authority, meaning, and goals.

Although my experience as a male-socialized white person sometimes creates obstacles to accurate compassion and anti-oppression work in therapy, I am committed to an ongoing examination of my privileged identity locations and how they intersect with my trans and other oppressed identities. May we work together to achieve collective liberation, mutual power, and creative peace.

Image by Clay Banks. Used with permission.

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