New transfem support group on Tuesdays

I’m adding a second section of Grace Unfolding, a transfeminine support group, on Tuesday afternoons. I’ve been running this group for trans women and transfeminine people since 2016. I’m excited to be able to add another time for folks to get the support they need. Some common topics include:

  • HRT
  • coming out at work
  • navigating family and partnerships
  • dealing with internalized transmisogyny and intense beauty standards
  • deciding the transition steps that are right for you
  • building frameworks for empowerment and resistance against cisheteropatriarchy
  • being people and connecting with others

If this sounds appealing, please check out the group page and see if it might be a fit for you. Or get in touch to learn more! Looking forward to hearing from you! ☺

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