You are unique

You’re not a cookie-cutter person, and this isn’t cookie-cutter therapy. I use a blend of mindfulness-based, integrative, and body-centered psychotherapy to celebrate and discover the unique person who is You.

My clients are creative, courageous individuals who want some extra support to reach for their dreams. If this describes you, welcome!

I’m Sasha Strong. I’ve had my own journey with finding my unique Self, and I decided to become a counselor to help other people reach their maximum potential. Using mindfulness-based, Buddhist, and embodied psychotherapy tools, I want to help you travel through the fog of confusion and find the way to a true, full embodiment of who you are.

In addition to my general practice of supporting folks who want to explore and maximize their unique self, I have special training and clinical experience in caring for transgender, queer, and LGBTQ folks, nonbinary and genderqueer transition, writing letters in support of gender-affirming procedures, Buddhism and psychotherapy, and integration of spiritual experiences. I can also help with anxiety and depression, life transitions, trauma, finding meaning, building social skills, self-awareness, emotion regulation, and personal growth.

My lived experience and training in contemplative psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology, DBT, and Hakomi offer a blend of meditative practices, self-inquiry techniques, and Western therapeutic tools to help you find “brilliant sanity”— your innate wisdom and dignity that are waiting to be uncovered. I believe this core of your unique self is the guiding source of the unfolding path of growth, and I have a commitment to help you discover and develop your connection with brilliant sanity.

If you would like to embody your unique self and discover your in-born wisdom, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sasha Strong, M.A., Ph.D. cand, LPC Intern