Private Practice Training: May & June 2023

I’m offering a 4-part training on getting into private practice. If you’re having a hard time getting started, worried about managing the details, or just need some support and advice, this training is for you!

Join us in a supportive group environment that can usher you toward the financial and career freedom you’re seeking. Learn how to start a private practice on the side, or escape the burnout fountain of agency work or extractive group practices. Gain the freedom to choose your caseload, set your own hours, and do things your way! You’ll learn all the basics and more. Register here!

Benefits of Private Practice

  • Make more money — set your own rates so you can take home more money than most agencies and group practices will pay you
  • Have more time to spend with friends, family members, and yourself
  • Build relationships with the colleagues and organizations you want to align with
  • Improve your health by choosing the work-life balance that works for you
  • Do things your way— set your own hours, take vacations, and work with the clients and issues you feel excited about

I’ve been in private practice since 2016, and I’ve helped friends, colleagues, and supervisees get into private practice to achieve the freedom, satisfaction, and work-life balance they crave. I love helping people do what they love and sharing my knowledge with folks like you— folks who are doing good work in the world, but need a little help to do it their way.

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Course Outline

  • Envisioning your Ideal Private Practice
    • Lifestyle
    • Your Niche
    • Abundance
    • The Professional You
  • Planning the Details
    • Finances
    • Marketing
    • Accounts
    • Liability
    • Schedule
    • Technology
    • Location
    • People
  • Implementing the Details
    • Building and Using your People and Support Network
    • Implementing your Checklist for Success
    • Launching Your Private Practice
  • Optimizing
    • Onboarding & Screening
    • Marketing
    • Client Retention
    • Systems
    • Recommended Resources

Bonus Items

  • Private Practice Planning Checklist
  • Financial Planning Spreadsheet

As part of your participation in the course, you will receive a five-page Planning Checklist and a five-sheet Planning Spreadsheet. The checklist makes it easy to research, plan, and organize your private practice launch. The spreadsheet will help you estimate your workload, billing, profit, and tax margins.

These tools will save you hours of labor and confusion, so you can launch your practice with a clear roadmap.

Ready to go? Register here!

Format and Structure

  • four 90-minute sessions spread over 6 weeks
  • Friday afternoons at 3pm on May 26, June 9, June 16, and June 30
  • lecture, breakout groups, and Q&A
  • weekly calls with an accountability buddy who is also in the training
  • 3 detailed checklists to prepare and launch successfully

Enrollment will be capped at 20 people to promote a community feeling among professional peers. Community is a big part of moving forward with our plans. Let’s create a supportive environment for social learning!

There is no requirement to attend all 4 sessions. If you miss a session, we can schedule a make-up session for an additional fee.

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I’m offering a few pricing tiers, ranging from $400-$150 for the course (that’s $100-$37.50 per 90-minute session). This includes a solidarity pricing tier for LGBTQIA2+, BIPOC, disabled folks, and folks from other historically marginalized communities.

After you open your business and cover your overhead costs, you will recuperate your investment in just a few client hours.

Money-Back Guarantee

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied with the course, just contact me within 30 days of your last session. I’ll refund 100% of your fee. The checklist and spreadsheet are yours to keep.

Next Steps

Ready to get started? Private practice can be the gateway to prosperity, work-life balance, and fulfillment as a helping professional. Get the information and support you need. Register here!

Not able to attend this cycle? Fill in this Google Form to add your vote on days and times that could work for you. ☺

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