Hi! I offer individual and group supervision for LPC and LMFT associates in Oregon. My passion is to help early career professionals gain real-world experience while bringing their full humanity to the therapeutic encounter. If you’d like to excel at your craft and you want to bring your talents and heart to this work, let’s get in touch to explore what it would be like to work together.

I’m hoping to create a collaborative supervision experience where you can:

  • learn the ropes of private practice
  • develop your real-world therapy skills
  • cultivate therapeutic presence and relational contact
  • do what you love and work with the best clients for you
  • gain supervised hours for licensure

To guide the collaborative work of supervision, I use an integrative framework that encompasses a few different aspects of growing as a therapist. I’m also excited to provide queer- and trans-competent supervision for folks in the LGBTQIA2+ community.

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About Me

Fundamentally, I’m interested in helping people and being a full human being. I’m open to all the different approaches that can help people integrate inner and outer realities and weave together the social, emotional, ecological, behavioral, and transpersonal aspects of experience. As a queer and trans person, I understand the difficulties of facing social stigma, erasure, and internalized oppression. My own path of healing has included Buddhism, mindfulness, somatic psychotherapy, holistic healing, transpersonal studies, psychedelics, and community.

My Specialties

  • queer, trans, and gender-diverse issues
  • a collaborative approach to counseling and supervision
  • client-centered, non-pathologizing counseling
  • Hakomi somatic psychotherapy
  • Contemplative Psychotherapy
  • trauma-informed approaches
  • integrating extraordinary experiences
  • group therapy

If this speaks to you and you’d like to learn more, drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you and learn how I can help you meet your goals as a professional and as a fellow human being.