Trans-Competent Clinical Supervision

Are you looking for a supervisor who understands your gender position and who you don’t have to teach about pronouns? I’m a non-binary queer supervisor, and I love helping new therapists figure out how to work in our field while cultivating a healthy work-life balance and doing excellent clinical work. I can provide supervised hours to LPC associates and LMFT associates in Oregon, and provide clinical consultation for folks in any psychotherapeutic field.

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During my training I worked at two different community clinics operating on a private practice model, and I’ve been in private practice in Portland OR since 2016, specializing in work with trans and gender-diverse clients. I’m most excited to help individual supervisees who are in private practice, or folks who are ready to move towards private practice, put the pieces in place to create a successful business while doing great work.

I also look forward to helping supervisees and consultees gain competency in some of the special tasks of working with trans and gender-expansive folks, such as:

  • writing letters for gender-affirming procedures
  • helping clients mitigate gender dysphoria (if present) as they move forward with social and medical transition
  • educating clients about queer theory, gender diversity, and the range of options available to them in terms of relationships, orientation, and gender expression/performance
  • building a multidisciplinary network of other trans-competent professionals
  • navigating multiple relationships in the LGBTQIA2+ community
  • managing and mitigating gender-invalidating encounters, attitudes, and policies in work, personal life, and society

Want to know more? Check out my approach to supervision and my integrative model for clinical supervision, or reach out to set up a time to talk. I offer supervision for individuals and groups. I’d be glad to set up a time to learn how I could support you in your goals and development as a therapist. Just reach out! ☺

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