Group therapy, support groups, and classes offer community, healing, and connection. Most of our groups meet weekly. Therapeutic groups are cost-effective, and they can add extra support to your existing wellness plan.

Queer, Trans, and GNC Support Groups

Grace Unfolding is a group for trans women and transfeminine people. We talk about gender transition, coming out, relationships, technical support, community resources, and whatever our members bring to the table.

The Non-Binary/Genderqueer group is for non-binary, genderqueer, and other gender non-conforming folks who want community and support. We spend a lot of time talking about the particular needs and challenges of non-binary gender positionality. (We are currently offering two sections of this group on different days.)

For youth, the Trans and Non-Binary Teen Support Group offers an affirming space where members can build community and be themselves. In this group, Kaden helps young people feel safe, explore their gender, and build the confidence and resiliency they need to thrive.

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Mindfulness Classes

Mindful Balance is a 12-week class to support people in their recovery from bipolar disorder. This class will teach mindfulness skills, foster a supportive community, and emphasize wellness strategies that work.