Presented a poster on cultural responsiveness with non-binary and genderqueer people

Last weekend I had the pleasure of presenting a poster with my colleague Caleb Feldman at the National Transgender Health Summit in San Francisco. This was the first time we presented these findings at an academic conference, and it was great to spread the word about how healthcare providers can do a better job with non-binary and genderqueer (NBGQ) folks.

This poster provides an overview of our findings, including the 5 themes and 12 best practices our community research group came up with. These findings are explored in further detail in the book chapter on the same topic.

The poster presentation was sponsored by Queer Confluence. For more info, check out the main post over on the Queer Confluence page.

Caleb Feldman and Sasha Strong standing in front of their poster on NBGQ cultural responsiveness. Caleb is a white man with short dark hair and a beard and mustache wearing glasses, a button-down shirt, and a blue sweater. Sasha is a white non-binary transfeminine person with a shaved head, small gold earrings, a nose septum piercing, a small gold necklace, and black sweater and shirt dress. They are both wearing nametags from the 2023 National Trans Health Conference.
Dr. Sasha Strong and Caleb Feldman presenting their poster, “Cultural Responsiveness with Non-Binary and Genderqueer People,” at UCSF’s 2023 National Transgender Health Summit

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