Presented on therapeutic support groups for T/GNC folks at the National Transgender Health Summit

Last weekend I had the pleasure of offering a workshop on running groups for trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse people at the National Transgender Health Summit 2023 in San Francisco. This was a great conference and I really want to thank my workshop attendees for their good cheer and willingness to participate in the experiential exercises around groups centering T/GNC identities.

In my workshop, I combined perspectives from group therapy factors (Yalom & Lesczc, 2020) with social justice developmental skills (Nieto et al., 2014). Then we split into smaller groups around social membership categories (T/GNC+BIPOC, T/GNC+white, cis+BIPOC, and cis+white) so that folks in Targeted groups could be free of the friction of Agent culture, and folks with cis Agent identities could reflect on how it’s hard for trans folks, and what Agent group members can do about it. There’s an 8-page PDF handout if you’re interested in learning more.

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