Trans and Queer-Centered Supervision Group

Are you a trans, non-binary, or queer therapist or LPC or LMFT associate looking for a supervision/consultation group where you feel understood, respected, and valued? This might be a good group for you!

(I’m using trans and queer as catchall QUILTBAG terms, for all the colors and all the flags of the whole rainbow— and if you land somewhere in that neighborhood but you don’t use those words, no problem— let me know which ones you do. ☺ )


  • Build professional community
  • Feel supported, seen, and understood as a therapist and as a person
  • Get guidance on helping people, improving your clinical skills, and building your business
  • Get specific support around doing therapy with trans and queer folks (while being trans and/or queer)
  • Earn supervised hours toward LPC or LMFT licensure in Oregon

This group might be a good fit if:

  • You are independent and confident, but can take feedback and direction
  • You’re open to learning and want to give and receive support from others
  • You’re committed to social justice and you also want to be financially successful
  • You want to have a good work-life balance

The Details

  • Monthly meetings on Thursdays for 90 minutes (date/time TBA- based on member availability)
  • Free initial phone consultation with Sasha
  • Fee is $75 per monthly 90-minute session
  • Your fee holds your spot in the group, so you agree to pay even if you miss a session.

Group format is check-ins, topics, check-outs. Topics will include clinical skills and case consultation, administrative effectiveness, and the person of the therapist. Up to 6 group members, plus the supervisor. We’ll start our meetings online via Zoom. Once COVID restrictions permit, we will meet at my office near SE 45th and Belmont in Portland.

Membership, Content, and Fee Structure

  • Group members are LPC or LMFT associates and other licensed or pre-licensed mental health professionals
  • Group session content will include assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning; practicing ethically within Oregon’s laws and rules for LPCs and LMFTs, integrating your theoretical orientation(s) with your professional practice, and discussing how your queer and trans identities interact with your work as a therapist.
  • Your fee holds your spot in the group, so you agree to pay even if you miss a session.
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About Sasha

I’m a white non-binary AMAB queer LPC, and I’ve been in private practice since 2016. I have a passion for helping people feel connected, understood, and respected in their gender, sexual, and affectional identities. My background is in contemplative psychotherapy, mindfulness, Hakomi, DBT, group work, relational psychotherapy, trans and genderqueer competency, and transpersonal psychology. I offer individual and group therapy for queer and gender-diverse adults, as well as consultation, training, and supervision.

Why I’m Offering this Group

I understand the power of being in a safer space where I feel that I belong, and it was something I longed for throughout my clinical training and early career. Since that time, I’ve found supportive consultation groups, but I’m not aware of anything focusing on queer and trans interns and therapists. I hope to this supervision group will be a great place for you to develop your professional identity and build the career of your dreams!

Next Steps

If you’re interested, get in touch! We’ll schedule a one-on-one conversation and find out together if it feels like a good fit. Drop me a line and we’ll figure it out from there. I also offer individual supervision if you’re interested in that, too.