Presented on Mindfulness and Recovery from Bipolar Disorder at Academic Conference CRC-2020

I recently presented a research poster on how people recover from bipolar disorder using mindfulness and Buddhist ideas. This qualitative study is part of my dissertation research, and this was a great chance to share my ideas with folks from around the world.

If you’d like to know more, check out the poster! ☺ As is typical with conference posters, this is a preliminary analysis. Some of these findings are associated with manuscripts that are currently under review.

The Contemplative Research Conference 2020 was sponsored by the Mind & Life Institute, an interdisciplinary organization that brings together scholars, scientists, and contemplatives to explore the intersections of mindfulness, brain science, clinical practice, and the humanities.

This year’s conference was online, which was kind of weird, but hey— 2020. That said, it was great to network with other researchers and share my findings on bipolar recovery. Since then, I’ve been consolidating my findings and writing up the report (e.g my dissertation). Hoping to have it all wrapped up by May 2021.