Podcast interview on The Out Entrepreneur with Rhodes Perry

I had the delight of siting for an interview with my friend Rhodes Perry for his podcast, The Out Entrepreneur.

In our discussion, I talk about gender therapy, contemplative psychotherapy, brilliant sanity, and somatic psychotherapy. It’s so good that we have more options for understanding gender nowadays, and that we increasingly have access to non-pathologizing and anti-oppression frameworks for understanding our lives.

From my perspective, being trans doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with people and they need therapy to fix it— rather, being trans is tough because cisheteropatriarchy sucks! And sometimes folks have a lot of complicated feelings about gender and transition, and having a safe and supportive space to talk about that can be really helpful.

Anyhow, if you’d like to have a listen, you can go to the episode page, or just use the player below. Thanks to Rhodes for inviting me!

close up photo of gold colored and black condenser microphone
Photo by Jean Balzan on Pexels.com

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