Trans and Non-Binary Teen Support Group

This professionally facilitated group will help teens find a sense of community, explore their identities, and build resiliency.

Helping Teens Navigate Gender and Adolescence

Gender identity and transition can be difficult. Trans, non-binary, and gender-expansive teenagers face unique challenges and often struggle with intense emotions. Having a dedicated space to share about their experience, connect with others, and receive support is a critical resource.

This group will help participants:

  • Explore their identities
  • Be seen and affirmed as they are
  • Build community
  • Develop resiliency
  • Experience belonging, playfulness, and fun

This group will be a space where everyone’s uniqueness is celebrated and where gender exploration is considered both a challenge and an adventure.

Details and Fees

  • This group for teens aged 14–17 will meet once a week on Sundays for 90 minutes.
  • Our meeting space is near SE 39th and Hawthorne in Portland OR.
  • We will meet for six weeks initially, and members are welcome to continue in future cycles.
  • The fee for this group is $40/session. A sliding scale is available to folks in need.

About Kaden

Kaden Winterkorn, M.Ed. (they/them) is a licensed educator with more than a decade of experience working with young adults. Kaden has a passion for teaching and mentoring young people as they navigate life transitions, learn new skills, and build support networks.

Originally from Washington, D.C., Kaden earned their Master’s in Education from Brooklyn College in 2007. Since then, they have taught in public schools and for educational non-profits, always with an emphasis on youth empowerment. In addition to their background in education, Kaden has personal experience and professional training in navigating gender transition. Kaden currently facilitates support groups for non-binary and gender-expansive adults and has presented on gender inclusivity both regionally and locally.

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This group is offered as a service of Brilliancy Counseling by Kaden Winterkorn, M.Ed.