Contemplative Psychotherapy presentation at Existential-Humanistic Northwest

Earlier today I made a professional presentation on Contemplative Psychotherapy to a local Portland organization of psychotherapists. It was nice to meet with colleagues and discuss CP.

My presentation covered the CP core commitments of brilliant sanity, maitri, exchange, and clinician mindfulness, and related them to Carl Rogers’s necessary and sufficient conditions for therapeutic change.

Here’s the audio file in case you’d like to listen in.

Sasha Strong presents on Contemplative Psychotherapy at Existential-Humanistic Northwest, Portland OR, 12 Apr 2019
The Contemplative Psychotherapy crest - "Brilliant Sanity" in an arc, above a dharma wheel centered in a bodhi leaf
The Contemplative Psychotherapy crest (from the Journal of Contmplative Psychotherapy)

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