Brilliant Sanity

The basic premise or root teaching of contemplative psychotherapy is brilliant sanity: at the most fundamental level, we are basically awake and unconfused. Developing trust in this innate wisdom is the path of recovery and building a life worth living. Brilliant sanity is not something that needs to be created or obtained, but rather is an already-present reality in our state of being. However, it can be covered over by habits and confusion, and the process of uncovering it is worthwhile.
The main practice recommended in contemplative psychotherapy for cultivating a connection with brilliant sanity is the sitting practice of meditation. While this is the primary approach of the tradition, any technique can be used that synchronizes body and mind. This includes the contemplative practices of the world wisdom traditions, as well as sport, art, craft, social activities, and contact with nature. In fact, any activity can be practiced mindfully and transformed into a path to cultivating a stronger connection to brilliant sanity.
Brillianty sanity is not just an idea; it is an experience: by synchronizing body and mind, it is possible to experience brilliant sanity directly. Thus it is not a matter of faith, but of experience. The most common way of cultivating this connection to brilliant sanity is the sitting practice of meditation, but the host of contemplative practices from the world wisdom traditions can be used to cultivate this synchronization, and indeed any activity could be practiced in a mindful way to bring about this experience.
Brilliant sanity is a way of talking about the essential clarity and awareness that characterizes all experience. No moment of experience passes without awareness; although it is possible to be distracted from brilliant sanity, it can never be lost. Even in the darkest, most uncomfortable moments, brilliant sanity is operating. Reconnecting with brilliant sanity again and again is the path of contemplative psychotherapy, for both clients and therapists.

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