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Process Group for QT Therapists

Looking for a growth-enhancing training experience with other queer and/or trans (QT) therapists? Join this process group! It will be a rich opportunity to:

  • learn group therapy skills experientially
  • build your confidence as a group leader and therapist
  • grow and develop as a person and as a professional
  • get support from folks who get it

This is a really stressful time to be a therapist, especially a QT therapist working with QT clients. This group is designed to help. By meeting with other QT therapists in a process group, we’ll enhance our group therapy skills, get the personal and professional support we need, and support our capacity for LGBTQIA2+-affirming clinical work.

Authentic connection with other QT people opens the way for personal growth, liberation, and healing outside the frame of the cisheteropatriarchy. Process groups are a great way to learn about oneself, grow as a therapist, and study the experience of self-in-community as a gateway to healing and change.

Experiential training in group therapy makes it much easier to offer therapy groups. Group therapy can be an effective way to respond to the needs of larger number of QT clients, and it affords clinical benefits that individual therapy cannot. Therapy groups are also an opportunity to make more money while serving more clients, or serving more clients without increasing your organization’s budget.

Group Structure and Members

  • Weekly 60-minute meetings
  • Online via Zoom
  • 6-12 people
  • Exact times TBD. (See the info form for options and to voice your preference.)
  • Fee: $60 per session

This non-clinical group is open to mental health professionals in any location. Graduate students in a mental health field could also be a good fit.

Process groups entail talking about thoughts and feelings with an emphasis on personal experience in the here-and-now. Members should have an interest in developing their clinical skills and putting their thoughts and feelings into words in the relational context of the group.

This training opportunity may qualify for professional development funds from your employer, or as a business expense for tax purposes.

About Me

Photo of Sasha Strong standing in front of an apartment building with light and shade from a tree and flowery bushes in the background.
Dr. Sasha Strong, LPC, CGP (they/them)

I’m a non-binary queer therapist and human being in Portland, Oregon. My group therapy training has been centered in the interpersonal approach (Yalom & Leszcz, 2020). I also bring a social justice lens to my work with groups (Nieto et al., 2014).

During my career, I’ve facilitated many different clinical groups, including several with queer and trans folks. I’m a Certified Group Psychotherapist, a qualified CGP supervisor, a member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and I’m WPATH-certified in the SOC 7. I’ve also done some research and talks on cultural responsiveness with non-binary and genderqueer people, and we’ve published a book chapter on that.

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